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π News and Projects

September 26, 2016 Signal generator on the Deck

Crystal Oscillator used as general purpose signal generator and spectrum analyzer calibration signal generator. [more].

September 04, 2016 Winnipeg Propagation Data

This is a collection of propagation information for the Southern Manitoba Area of Canada. It is a simplified version of some the web site bearing the same information. It allows for quick estimates of the quality of signal in the area. [more].

August 28, 2016 Three Band HF Transmitter

This is the photo of the week. A three band HF transmitter, transmitting at 40m,20m,15m with a maximum power of 5 Watts. The design was heavily influenced by W7ZOI published data. [more].

June 29, 2015 FT221 to PC Interface

Interfacing my OpenBSD Notebook to my old Yaesu FT221 radio so I can talk to the International Space Station using APRS. [more].

January 2, 2014 Past work and projects

Past projects have covered software delevelopment in various language, RF and digital electronics. The new site will show a few of them here but is designed to be easier to update. Here are a few that stands out back in 2013 - 2014 Homebrewed Spectrum Analyzer, Direct conversion receiver and various ports of useful tools that can be downloaded from my contrib directory here.

Femtode Engineering

π Author

I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator with callsign VE4FEB. I usually work on RF projects and occasionally checking in on radio nets on 2m Bands. I am also active on morsecode and CW, mostly on 2m and internet based morsecode cwcom and morsekob.

I have more than 15 years of Professional Electronics Engineering background taking on tasks in Design, Debugging and Manufacturing Support. I spent 8 years of that in the Philippines working on Power Electronics Product Development, later accepting opportunities in Hongkong and Malaysia on a more System Level Hardware Development work.

In the late 1990s’ I have spent most of my time studying infection and stealth technuiques of self replicating programs. Primary interests where polymorphism, encryption, multipartite and multiplatform technuiqes. I learned coding in 32-bit windows and extended DOS assembly during this period. My first Unix exposure was on a AT&T System V (SVR2) compatible version of D-Nix running on a Motorola 68k. It was during the time I was doing field maintenance work for a banks client management system. I completely switched my os to Linux when Redhat 6.1 distro was released. After three months I subsequently replaced it with Slackware, Debian, LFS3.3 before finally settling on Crux. I switched to using OpenBSD around 2006.

I write Atmel firmware using AVRDUDE in OpenBSD, write simulation tools in Plan9 and maintain my code and documentation using Mac OS Mercurial and Bitbucket. At work I mostly deal with tools running on MS Windows. My prefered programming language is C for most of my personal projects, but have written programs in various programming languages including Procedural (C, C++, Python, VB, TCL etc.) and Functional (Haskell and Scheme). I use the tools and language that will get me a completed project sooner.

I maintain a linkedin profile feel free to contact me and connect.

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